Certified Manufacture of Medical Mask 

Established with the mission of high value for the customers, suppliers, employees, and society.  

​Made in Taiwan

Traceability management

* Made In Taiwan, all products comply with CNS14774 standard, with multiple medical device licenses
* Designated and commissioned by well-known manufacturers
* Factory direct operation to cooperate with 24-hour production and supply


Our Systems

Total Quality Management System

Our Vision

Core idea


design concept

Good design not only allows consumers to feel the brand's intentions, but also strengthens their own brand recognition. In addition to appearance, function and packaging, Shunyi's design also combines the concepts of humanity, safety and environmental protection as the most important core.


Brand incubation

The process of brand establishment is quite difficult, so we will cherish and carefully, let you and me create a unique brand of masks, and Shunyili will keep the duty of the manufacturer and stick to the quality made in Taiwan to establish a long-term and stable Partnerships.


Professional qualification inspection report

Message from General Manager Huang

We value the safety and health of the next generation. Therefore, we compete in the industry to produce every good mask. In order to satisfy "function", "comfort" and "quality", we strictly observe our duty and conscience at all times to satisfy consumers Demand value. I personally supervise the mask factory.

The production team and industry experts led by me are constantly thinking about how to optimize the production, packaging, quality control and other processes. Many of the machinery on the site are modified by me to improve the quality of the masks.