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Emily, Internet entrepreneurship

As a housewife, in addition to taking care of the family, she can also have a stable income. I successfully shared high-quality Zhenzhou products with friends around me through group buying and word-of-mouth marketing. Shunyi Company has a very good sales assistant team to provide quality product pictures and accurate copywriting to help me in online marketing. With good results, working from home is no longer a dream.


Dennis, wholesale

I have a lot of imagination about home cleaning cloth. It can be used in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, office, etc., to make it easier to keep it clean. Because I see its market, I regularly wholesale such potential products to Shunyi Lee. It also injects a stream of water into my existing products and at the same time drives the overall revenue growth.


A Xuan, distribution

The brand aura of "Zhenzhou" is unexpectedly good in the hearts of mothers-in-laws in the vegetable market. As a member of the street shop, I am committed to being close to the lives of consumers and promoting Zhenzhou's products to let everyone know. As a member of the distribution system, Shunyi Company gives me a lot of flexibility to sell classic products flexibly.

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​Internship Planning

You don’t need to spend money first, through internship planning, personal contact with customers, familiar with our products and services, and then set goals