Flat mask
Sumeasy Face Mask

​Protect Your Safety and health

Flat medical mask

Relief history, qualification certification

Bacteria filtration efficiency reaches 99%, effectively blocking staphylococci.

​Made in Taiwan

Traceability management, transparent quality

* Made In Taiwan, all products comply with CNS14774 standard
* Have multiple medical device licenses
* Designated and commissioned by well-known manufacturers
* Provide inspection report, cooperation can be assured


​Professional three-layer fiber protection

​One, surface layer

The surface layer is made of PP non-woven non-woven fabric, which is waterproof, prevents foam and prevents the infiltration of mist.

​Two, the middle layer

The middle layer is MB melt-blown non-woven fabric, which effectively blocks and filters all kinds of particulate dust.

​Three, bottom layer

The bottom layer is made of EP composite fiber, the skin-friendly material has good air permeability and can absorb breathed moisture, making it comfortable and dry for long-term use.


Product style and size

Adult flat mask


Adult flat mask


Adult flat mask


Children's mask

​(Various types)


Product advantages and features


SGS Certification
Certified Manufacture of Medical Face Mask 

Established with the mission of high value for the customers, suppliers, employees, and society.  


​Product safety history

From incoming material inspection, first article inspection, independent inspection, in-process inspection, finished product inspection to factory confirmation, we are rigorous and at ease!



Multi-level filtering

The middle layer is a specially selected electrostatic filter layer, and the second layer has a powerful electrostatic filter function that uses the physical phenomenon of static electricity to absorb dust, pollen and powder.  filtration.



Comfortable to wear

The inner layer is made of skin-friendly and lint-free super soft and refreshing PP+PE composite fiber non-woven fabric, with moisture-absorbing and exhausting ES fiber, which absorbs the moisture gathered between the mouth and nose,.



​Elastic scaling and upgrade

It is Shunyi's nature to pet consumers. Shunyili specially uses elastic non-woven fabric. The elastic cloth is twice as flexible as the ordinary elastic cloth, and it is lighter and thinner, so you can wear a mask without any burden.


Professional qualification inspection report

​Healthy, safe and stylish

SUMEASY masks meet your needs

We compete in the industry to produce every good mask. In order to satisfy "function", "comfort" and "quality", we strictly observe our duty and conscience at all times to satisfy consumers Demand value.